"Perhaps one of the most important things we will have to do in life is to make a will. It's sensible for practical reasons, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to bless and support family, friends, and other people and causes that are close to our hearts.

"We certainly don'€™t have to be rich and famous before we can leave a legacy. Whatever size our gift may be, it can make a huge difference to a charity and to those it is helping.

"The truth is that many Christian charities could simply not continue to exist were it not for the legacies left to them. I fully support the work of Christian Legacy in raising awareness of this need and for their encouragement to us to think about the difference we can make to charities and to those they help both now and in the future."

Rob Parsons OBE
Chairman, Care for the Family


"The charities that form Christian Legacy are working tirelessly to reach out to people in need, transform lives and share the love of God.

"Much of this work has only been made possible with the help of individual Christians who supported these charities by leaving a gift in their Will.

"Please do consider remembering one or more Christian Legacy charities when making or updating your Will. Your foresight really could help safeguard their work for future generations."

Pam Rhodes
BBC 'Songs of Praise' presenter & Livability Vice President


"The call to Christian stewardship doesn't just apply to our church and charitable giving - we're called to be generous in all of our giving throughout life and at the end of life.

"The Church of England encourages its members to give 5% of income to and through their local church and a similar amount to the charities and other causes the Lord puts on their hearts. This challenge could equally be applied to the gifts we choose to make through our wills, which is why I commend Christian Legacy's efforts to raise this important opportunity in our churches."

John Preston
National Stewardship and Resources Officer, Church of England


"Each stage of our lives gives us an opportunity to sow into God'€™s kingdom and be salt and light to the world. That'€™s why I believe it is so important that Christians consider leaving a gift in their wills to support Christian organisations that bring hope and healing to a broken world.

"It is encouraging to see Christian Legacy doing an excellent job inspiring and encouraging Christians to leave a gift in their will."

Yemi Adedeji
from Jesus House and Director of the 'One People Commission' at the Evangelical Alliance UK

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