Introducing Christian Legacy

Christian Legacy is a unique partnership that brings together a group of leading charities bringing God’s transformation to families, schools, homes, communities, prisons across the UK, and abroad. Our inspiration comes from the gospel as we are driven by faith, love and compassion to make a difference.

We understand that making a Will is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. According to Christian Research, 80% of Christians have already made a Will with over half leaving or considering a gift to charity.

We aim to inspire and encourage Christians to leave a gift in their Will to a Christian charity.  Large or small, every gift will make the world a better place for your family and beyond. Each organisation in Christian Legacy provides vital services to some of the poorest and most vulnerable members of society and is a specialist in their own area of service.

Click here to find out the latest stats and facts on Legacy giving in the UK.

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