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How it Works

Core Team

Christian Legacy has a core team made up from six key Christian charities which comprises of Stewardship, Bible Society, Livability, TLG – The Education Charity and Care For the Family.

The committee meets on a quarterly basis to oversee strategic planning, discuss operational issues and ensure that objectives are being met. This team has significant input into Christian Legacy Week as well as the wider strategy. Each charity has a representative that brings something unique to the group such as legal background, marketing, administration, finance, business planning. We also have external professionals who join on a project basis where there is a requirement for extra skills, such as design or PR.

Core Team membership is reviewed on annual basis but any new members will usually involve a “proactive approach” from the Core Team due to the level of commitment involved.

Charity Partners

Christian Legacy was set up on the basis that whatever different needs we are meeting as charities, whether that’s home or overseas, we are all part of the same kingdom. With this in mind, our aim is to bring our resources together to have as much impact as possible and is for registered charities of any size that match with our ethos and values. By becoming a partner of Christian Legacy, you’ll be part of a unique campaign aimed at growing the legacy market that gives you the following:

  • The chance to take part in annual charitable legacies awareness week, Christian Legacy Week, providing a perfect opportunity to promote legacies both internally and externally
  • Licensed use of the Christian Legacy logo on publicity materials
  • Logo featured on the Christian Legacy Website
  • Social media copy and resources for use during Christian Legacy week
  • Advance previews of Christian Legacy campaigns and news from Christian Legacy
  • Invitation to participate in legacy fundraising research and copies of findings
  • Access to free legacy fundraising templates to use and adapt for your charity
  • Best practice guides to start and maintain an effective legacy fundraising strategy
  • Legacy help and advice

If you would like to become a partner with Christian Legacy, please click here to fill in your details and we will contact you with further information.

Please click here for a breakdown of membership costs

Beyond Direct Partnership

You may be a local church, umbrella body, media company or other professional body that is keen to join in with Christian Legacy Week but becoming a Charity Partner doesn’t work for you.

If that’s the case then please feel free to get in touch if you want to find out more.

 Click here to see our current members

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