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Bible Society was founded thanks to a small group of individuals who believed that the Bible should be shared by the world. Two hundred years later, their legacy lives on – millions of lives transformed by the Bible’s message. But there is still so much to do to bring the Bible to those who wait, and ensure that its wisdom, inspiration and revelation are not lost to future generations around the world.

Violet McKay left a legacy of £1,000 to Bible Society. Along with her husband Hugh, she had translated the first ever New Testament into the language of the people from the Idoma region of Nigeria. Both Violet and Hugh spent their lives passionately sharing God’s Word, and felt it was the obvious choice to both commit a legacy to Bible Society, as Hugh explained: “I believe the Bible is the most precious thing on earth”. The whole Agatu Bible is soon to be fully translated and printed, and it is thanks to the legacies of Violet and others like her, that this vital work of Bible Society is able to continue.

Through a gift to Bible Society in your will, you can extend your love for the Bible into the future, continuing to build God’s Kingdom on earth even when your earthly life is over.

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Violet & Hugh McKay ensured the work they did in life carried on.

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