Is it simple to change my existing will? Should I update it?

YES AND YES! If you want to make changes this could be done through something called a codicil (see glossary). If you are changing your Will, it is advisable that you seek advice from a solicitor.

If it is five years or more since you last wrote your Will, it is probably a good idea to review it. Legal and tax changes, as well as changes in your personal circumstances, could mean that your Will no longer provides you with the best solutions.

It is advisable for you to reconsider the contents of a Will regularly to make sure that it still reflects your wishes. Some changes in circumstance – like getting married or divorced for instance – can affect your Will, so it’s important to keep it up to date.

How do I leave a gift in my will to a Christian Charity?

Make sure you have the correct name, address and registered charity numbers of the charities you wish to include in your Will. Give the list to your solicitor, and tell them the amount of the gift or the proportion of your estate you’d like to leave. Please contact Christian Legacy if you need information on how to do this.

If I've left a gift in my will to a member charity of Christian Legacy should I tell them?

Yes, it is really helpful to let the charity know that you have included them in your Will – that way they needn’t approach you again and can update you on their work according to your wishes. They will greatly appreciate it if you can, as knowing about legacies to come will give them confidence to plan for the future.


A Legacy

A gift left in a Will. Types of gift you can leave include:

  • specific: a definite object or property
  • pecuniary: a gift of a particular sum of money
  • residuary: a gift left when other legacies and expenses have been paid. It is normally expressed as a part or percentage of the residue of your estate.

A codicil

A codicil is a document that can sometimes be used to amend a Will, meaning the Will doesn’t need to be replaced with a new one. If you’d like to update your Will to include a gift to charity, check with a legal professional about whether you can use a codicil.

An Executor

A person you choose to make sure the instructions in your Will are carried out. They might be a relative, a friend or your solicitor.


The situation which arises when someone dies without leaving a valid Will.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax may be applied if the total value of the estate is more than the nil-rate band threshold. If you leave a gift to a charity in your Will, the amount of inheritance tax payable may be reduced. Ask your solicitor or visit the HMRC website ( for further information.

A Testator/Testatrix

The person making the Will.


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