Why should I leave a legacy to a Christian charity?

Without legacies from compassionate Christians, many charities simply will not be able to continue their work. By remembering your favourite causes in this special way, you can be sure your faith and values will live on for decades to come.

Leaving a legacy gives you a chance to express what matters most to you in life, whether a specific cause, or maybe a particular group of people.

How legacies help

As Christian charities we rely heavily on the support of the Christian community to carry out our work and a legacy is an incredible gift for a charity to receive.

We are pretty sure that in your lifetime, your generosity will have changed lives. But here’s a spectacular thought: after your life here has ended, your kindness through a legacy could bring untold joy and restoration, transforming even more lives in the process.

Could you consider leaving behind a gift to help those in need, alongside your family and friends? Please click here for more information.

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