Humble Heroes: Brian & Joanna

Brian Watts and his wife Joanna, have led 'The Shaftesbury' church in Battersea for nearly 25 years. They've done some incredible work reaching out to the local community and one of their most recent projects has been launching a Foodbank service, partnering with other churches across Wandsworth.

The Church is part of the Community Mission work of Livability, whose roots link to the Shaftesbury Society. The founders of the Society used to feed the hungry people of Battersea as well. With these foundations, Brian said he finds he is 'massively connected to our history, and am very aware of the foundation they laid in prayer and through their service to this community'.

For Brian, the simple act of feeding people points to 'the simplicity of the Gospel' and through the practical help of food they are being 'good news' to people.

Foodbank visitors, who bring a voucher issued by social services to verify their need of emergency, have often been living on tea and biscuits or just one meal a day.

As Brian points out "If we are offering a cup of water to someone, we are offering it to Christ."

The Foodbank is just one expression of the outreach that Brian and Joanna head up at the church. They see the church as called to serve the locality and it has a strong mission outreach. Brian often concludes the Sunday services saying "remember when you leave this building, you are entering the mission field".

Brian and Joanna believe faith and action should be inseparable and asserts "We are constantly looking for a practical outworking of our faith". Their passion to serve those around them and be a witness make them incredible role models to those in the church and community.

You can find out more about the work of Livability here:

Posted by Christian Legacy on October 23, 2015 8:00 AM

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