Humble Heroes: Margaret Caroe

Margaret Caroe’s life impacted many people. Her life not only profoundly influenced her family and friends, but also helped some of the world’s most needy people. She gave generously to others through her mission work and job and also through supporting a number of charities throughout her life and in her will.

Margaret tragically lost both her parents before she was three years old, but chose to use her inheritance for good. When she inherited their money aged 21, she put it in a trust so that all the money could only be distributed to charities.

Margaret chose to support a number of overseas development charities including Compassion, Christian Aid and Church Mission Society. During her life she also built a link with the Westnell children’s nursery in Lima, Peru, and set up a link with a school her daughter worked at in Kalutara, Sri Lanka, after the tsunami.

In her day to day life she was a nurse and bravely chose to work as a midwife and missionary in Sierra Leone and Jordan with CMS in the 1970s. While in Sierra Leone she remembered with joy sitting under a tree with a blackboard teaching children bible stories.

Margaret’s passion for helping others continued throughout her life and even when she was struggling with terminal cancer, she was still talking to friends about setting up a church link with an international charity.

Margaret’s sacrificial living and giving have impacted many lives and been an inspiration to family and friends. Despite a tough start to life, she chose to prioritise helping those less fortunate and was passionate about helping those in developing nations with both their physical and spiritual needs.

Her missionary work with CMS in turn inspired her daughter to work for the same charity to help spread the message of hope through Jesus. Margaret is a humble hero: an ordinary lady who chose to live an extraordinarily generous life, to go beyond herself, using her gifts and finances to leave a wonderful legacy behind her.

You can find out more about the work of CMS here:

Posted by Christian Legacy on October 21, 2015 8:00 AM

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